Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yep, Bigger than a Labor Day Sale.

Oh, fortuitous day, shopper! The fashion cosmos are aligned...FOUR new shipments of clothes and jewelry arrive this week AND Saturday and Sunday are Blackbird's Labor Day Sale.

25% of EVERYTHING in the store and 40% off selected merchandise.

More to come, but take a little peek below at some of the new stuff already in!

Red Floral Dress: $44 (Sale: $33)

Grape Earrings $7 (Sale $5.25)

Tribal Art Deco Dress: $38 (Sale: $ 28.50)

New Purses: $30-$38 (Sale: $22.50-$28.50)

Men's Guayaberas $29 (Sale $21.75)

Hats $14-$18 (Sale: $10.50-$13.50)

Belts: $14 (Sale $10.50)

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