Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jewelry Inspiration...

Sometimes I like to sift through Style.com for a little eye candy, and today when perusing the jewelry trends for spring, I of course found some very "Blackbird" pieces that I just had to share...

The first, an AMAZING necklace from Chanel:

photo courtesy of Style.com -  Chanel

The second, a perfectly skullicious ring by Alexander McQueen:

photo courtesy of Style.com - Alexander McQueen

The third, an sort of goth-tribal statement choker by Aurélie Bidermann:

photo courtesy of Style.com - AurĂ©lie Bidermann  

And the fourth, an intricately black-webbed star cuff by Eddie Borgo:

photo courtesy of Style.com - Eddie Borgo
Aren't all of these pieces just freaking great? I think so. It makes me want to learn how to craft with metal...and solder things...and use a blow-torch.  Ah, fun stuff.  Anyway, while we don't carry any of these wonderful designer's wares here at Blackbird, it's still nice to drool over them via the internets...and great inspiration for what kinds of trinkets to go in search of for the shop.  We certainly love jewelry over here, from vendors across the country to our own Juju-designed pieces and local artists, like Jamie Spinello.  They are each little works of art, which to me is total justification for all the admiring and aquiring, especially when you can find some treasures for under $30 bucks!  Affordable, wearable art! I will admit, though, that there will probably always be a part of me that pines for anything by Alexander McQueen, the Picasso of fashion in my book.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We got Lucky!

Cover of April 2012 issue

So excited over here because Lucky Magazine just placed Blackbird on their store directory for April's issue!  They visited a lot of the wonderful shops in Austin, and we were fortunate to make the list.  Check out our little write-up...

Pretty cool.  I must say that this little mention is quite exciting for me because years ago, when Lucky was born, I used to LOVE going through the pages with my stickers...and picking out a lot of "YES" things of course. So this:

photo courtesy of: http://theperfectratio.blogspot.com

ended up kinda looking like this:

photo courtesy of:
So fun to both the shopper in me AND the little girl in me who loves stickers. Ha! But also, I liked to read about the shopping guide in different places, you know, just in case I was ever in New York with tons of money to spend or something.  Well, the shopkeeper in me loved seeing all the pics of the unique shops around the country, dreaming about what it must feel like to shop there, work there, or run the place.  So when our little shop made it's little cameo, I can't help but feel like my own little dream came true.  Thanks Lucky Magazine for the years of inspiration, fun, and fashion guidance...from all the above mentioned parts of me.  Oh, and for making me feel truly lucky as well.